Lira Dance is born as the fruit of a great love and passion for the art of dancing, a natural continuation of a long career on the dance stage. The spark was lit in the children’s Rosna Kitka folk dancing ensemble, which epitomized candour and happy childhood. The establishment of the dancing school is also kindled by the passion for Cuban salsa, where Loretta Dimitrova meets her partner in life and art, Angel Bobev. Their shared love takes them to the homeland of salsa and crossing through Cuba, studying the culture, music, instruments and the dances of the Cuban people, they discover the spirit and happy world, where the striving for the material is non-existent. The coup to which they are witnesses becomes the reason for their first dance – Añoranza por la Conga.
The fire has been sparked and it attracts its first adherents, and that flame keeps on burning for them. The couple discovers Côte d’Azur of the Dominican Republic, the storms and the elements of wild nature, accompanied by the sounds of people who sing and make merry. Then they witness the outrages in India, where the unique Punjabi dance, widely covered in the media in Northern India, is born. Religion, calm, poverty and spirituality, the Indian culture contrasts the fiery Spanish rhythms, honour and pride and temperament of Barcelona. The tour in Barcelona presents “The Barber of Kyustendil” – an amusing, temperamental, humouristic mix of salsa and Bulgarian folklore.
The storm subsides, and is followed by the birth of a new life – sunny, radiant and glowing with children’s smiles and the carefreeness of the Italian “Tarantella”.