Angel Bobev – Cuban salsa and elementary theory of music teacher 

Born in 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Education: University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy (UACEG), Bulgarian folklore choreography qualification, 2012

Angel BobevStudent of Anjel Lopes, danced at Pambos Dancing Center and Raul Torres from 2000 to 2006. In 2007 he has training in Cuban salsa in Havana, Cuba, and in 2008 participates in a workshop and exchange in Caribbean and Bulgarian dances in Dominican Republic.

Angel Bobev makes his first steps in Bulgarian folk dance under Alexander Netsov, Director of Graovo Ensemble, in 1988.

Studies Bulgarian, Serbian, Greek, and Romanian folk dances – Balkanfolk, under Emil Genov, Vladimir Mutavdzhich, Aikaterini Luludi, and Marius Ursu, character dance at Lira Dance.

At the age of six begins to study classical guitar, and later – musical processing of Bulgarian folk music, solfeggio, and Bulgarian folk instruments. In 1994 he sings in the men’s choir of GUSV.

Founder and manager of Lira Dance Company in 2007. Teaches theory of music at Lira Dance.

Own dances with Lira Dance:

  • 2012 г. 2012 г. „Anoranza por la Conga“
  • 2014 г. “Cumbia”

Angel Bobev is one of the creators and producers of the project “Longest Horo for Guinness Records”. Under his guidance, a composition involving some 2000 Bulgarian dancers at Berlin’s Olympic stadium happened in 2011. He is coauthor also of the project 200 Bulgarians at World Culture Festival Delhi, 2016.

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